Term 3 – Welcome….

DSC09805In our neck of the woods (Australia), students across our great nation (particularly senior students) are about to face a seemingly impenetrable wall of decisions.

Yes, Term 3 is crunch time! Time to lock in decisions about the future.

Year 9 (mostly unwittingly) begin their career journey through specialised programs at their school – they may even face the choice of fast-tracking a senior school subject for next year!

Year 10s have to claw their way through the jargon of the Senior School world and come out with a decision in hand about which direction to go (will they swim up the academic stream or the work-ready stream?)

Year 11s – they kind of tend to relax. Year 11 is the no-mans-land for decision making – however, a rethink of subjects and future plans is probably a great idea – rather than sitting back, relaxing with iPhone and MnMs in hand!

piranhaYear 12s – the big Kahuna’s of their school – have sooooo many decisions to make, and, from past experience, I know that many will feel like they are swimming upstream – through jelly – with Pirahna’s snapping at their heels!

Career Practitioners – have ALL of the above to deal with and, in doing so, face a hectic and challenging term to help prepare students, mollify parents and tackle the unyielding stream of career information landing in their office.

With the above scenario’s in mind – my posts during Term 3 will endeavour to aid students, parents and practitioners alike on their quest/s toward whatever the future holds.

As per usual, my posts are short, sweet, factual, free and light-hearted.

My name is Fay Scadden, welcome (back) to my Career-Junk world!

Let's open our arms to this challenging term with confidence!

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