School Roles & Responsibilities

School Roles

If you have one of the above roles, what are your RESPONSIBILITIES within that role?

Is it:

  • President?
  • Secretary?
  • Treasurer?
  • Member of a committee / sub-committee?
  • Captain / Vice Captain?

What is YOUR story? Your story is UNIQUE and worth telling.

Here is John’s story (as an EXAMPLE).

  • John, what what responsibilities do you have at school? I am a member of the SRC
  • What do you do in that role? I go to meetings.
  • What happens there? We plan events.
  • What is your role in the group? Listening mostly, but I like to come up with ideas.
  • What ideas? Like the theme for the school social.
  • What else do you do? We set up the hall for the school social, and we cleaned up afterwards. We also sold pancakes for pancake day. 
  • What did you when making pancakes? I dished them up and put them on plates, and squirted on the honey and sugar. Then we tidied up.
  • What would the other SRC members say about you? That I come up with good ideas, and I like doing the practical stuff.

Here is what John could write in his resume..


Still stuck? Here’s a few ideas. Do you?

  • Organise things? (Events, VCE Jumpers, Fund raising, other activities)
  • Liaise with people? (with staff, community, parents, businesses)
  • Public Speak? (assemblies, ceremonies eg. ANZAC, events)
  • Handle Money? (counting, banking, balancing)
  • Work Hands-on? (food preparation, advertising, telephoning, ordering goods, cleaning up)
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