Apprenticeships – I have a boss who wants to put me on!

If you have an employer who wants to put you on as an apprentice then an Australian Apprenticeship Centre can help, their role is to take care of all the paperwork for your apprenticeship.

What you need to do:

Your boss may already employ apprentices and will know who to call, however, if not, give him the following phone numbers;

  • MEGT 58208100
  • CVGT 58233400
  • VECCI 58222115

The Australian Apprenticeship Centre will arrange a time to visit the workplace to see you and your boss to do the sign up.

Don’t forget to also….

  • Talk to your careers advisor or program manager if you are still at school, and
  • Notify your school (and teachers) if you are leaving (or not returning the following year).
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