Apprenticeships – Increasing Your Chances of Finding One

To increase your chances of finding an apprenticeship (including a school based apprenticeship) you should:

  • Do as much work experience as possible (sacrificing school holidays is a fantastic advertisement for your enthusiasm)
  • Checking for job advertisements
  • Keep your resume up to date
  • Have a letter of application handy
  • Have two good referees and written references (if possible)
  • Concentrate on maths at school (most trades want students with good maths skills)
  • Find out which other subjects you need to be good at for your trade.
  • Subscribe to our main blog for job notifications
  • Consider doing a VET subject in Year 11 & 12 in your chosen field of interest (if possible)

For more information go to the skills web site, and click on the relevant links on the left of the screen, quick and easy to get around.

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