Hot Hot Hot… NOT Cool…

2014 Boss not nannyIt is easy to bend the rules at school. I see it all the time. Incorrect uniform, wrong shoes, no hat worn in the outdoors under the skin-cancer causing sun.

You won’t get the sack from school for your indiscretions, you may get a detention or at worst a suspension, however, employers don’t have to put up with your nonsense, their job is to make money, not to nanny or pamper you.

True story…..

I know a student who got work experience with a plumber. It turned out to be extremely hot during the appointed week. What happened?

Repeated requests to wear a wide brimmed hat and drink lots of water… were ignored (repeatedly)… resulting in heat stroke and the following day in bed for the student—feeling like a dizzy, gut-aching nincompoop. Not funny, or pleasant by any stretch of the imagination.

Tradies wear their fluoro shirts, broad brimmed hats, boots, sunscreen and will rehydrate regularly. They don’t give a toss what they LOOK like, or that they might muss up their gelled hair… they follow the rules to BE SAFE and WELL.

They know that if they bend the rules, then they will be the one who will suffer. The ultimate price could be losing their job and income!

Students (and parents) should not be scared to speak up if they feel that the heat is, or will be, an issue during work experience. TALK to your Work Experience Coordinator and your boss.  You are allowed to request to postpone your work experience, or miss a day.

If it is hot at work experience, and you start feeling unwell, speak-up! The boss can’t take care of you, if he/she doesn’t know what is wrong.

Not following advice and trying to bend the rules in the work place is not cool, & can be stupid and dangerous!

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