Job Guide

Just like meat and potatoes, the Job Guide is a staple in the Career world, particularly for YEAR 10 students and their minders.

And just like meat and potatoes, the Job Guide web site is simple and easy to manipulate and digest.

I recommend that you cut straight to the guts of the matter and click on Search the Job Guide section – after all, this is where you will find facts and figures on careers you are dreaming about.

  • If you want the lick and flick version (aka book), you can probably find one in your Careers Office at school.

Tips for exploring:

  • Always look at the personal requirements and ask yourself  “‘does that sound like me?” You are on the right track if it does!
  • There will be many strange sounding jobs. Don’t be shy, have a peek into their world, you never know what you might discover!
  • At the end of each section is a list of similar jobs… guess what, they might be just what you are looking for!
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