School Based Apprenticeships

blogtradeWhat are they?

In a nutshell, you work one/two days a week and go to school on the other days. You are paid for your work. You study a Certificate that aligns with your work.

Finding one…

Finding a school based apprenticeship is the closest thing you will get to job hunting, in-fact it IS job hunting. If you can follow my suggestions, you are in total control of your future. Like totally dude! (Think-Finding-Nemo-turtle-voice).

The following steps worked for my students in the past when looking for a school based apprenticeship.


FIRST you need to UNDERSTAND how a school based apprenticeship works.

  • Go and harass your careers advisor to get it right.
  • Pick up some SBAT/ASBA brochures —you will need these to give to an employer.

TRY two (or more) weeks of work experience in a career which interests you.

  • PUT IN in 100% at work experience/s – show them what a great employee you are (or would be).
  • TALK to your boss/es about school based apprenticeships, give them the brochures.
  • You need to SAY something like:  “I am looking for a school based apprenticeship… can you think about putting me on for one day per week?”.

embarrassedHang-on… what if they say NO… how embarrassing!

  • I can pretty much GUARANTEE that most employers WILL say no.
  • However, if you don’t ASK, how will you know the answer!?
  • When they say no, It has NOTHING to do with you (unless you are totally, like, poo at work experience!)
  • No usually means that they don’t have enough work, or they can’t afford it. Simple! No brainer! Nothing to do with you! (Unless you ARE poo!)
  • Before saying yes, or no, sometimes they need time to THINK about it, or discuss with other people in their business.
  • Sometimes they want to know more about SBATs or ASBAs first – such a ridiculous new language to learn… so GIVE them your careers advisor’s phone number.

Sometimes they say no, but after 4 or 5 months, they have a dohment and realise that they DO need more help. Because you planted the idea into their head, you will be the person they try and chase up.

Sometimes they say YES straight up—this can be a bit of a shock so be careful you don’t pee your pants!

crystal ballWhat next?

KEEP the relevant people at your school in the loop—there will be a whole lot of stuff you won’t understand about signing up, starting, attending work etc.  Adults are very good at sorting out this kind of stuff. However, a crystal ball they ain’t got, so you need to keep nagging.


ASK and you will get an answer– and – it is much better to know the no, rather than guess the yes!

Other ways…

For other ways of getting a school based, try these ideas for size….

  • Drop a letter and your resume into businesses you would like to work for. Be specific in your letter about wanting an ASBA/SBAT.
  • Drop a letter and your resume into an apprenticeship place – examples of places can be found here.
  • Keep an eye your school’s bulletin or newsletter. Subscribe to apprenticeship places online. Subscribe to this blog!!

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