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Don’t have MEDIOCRE statements in your letter / resume… have #muscular-dude-bring-it-on statements!

impressiveIf you like ACTIVE VERBS (they are the words which bring sentences alive), you will find plenty of them (active verbs) in the example statements below.

If your VERBS are taking a nap, wake ’em up by checking out the list here.

You can be as ACTIVE as you like with your VERBS, but you also have to add a fair dash of PURE-OLD-FASHIONED-HONESTY.

  • What?

Well… if you say you are excellent at something…. you had better BE excellent… Red cheeks all round if your future boss asks you to prove your statement… and you can’t!

The following will give you ideas for the work experience, part-time work and volunteer section of your resume.


Ho-hum Statements

… but, ADD

something like this

for an AMAZING Statement

Retail, hospitality & customer service skills excellent customer service abilities with the ability to recognise specific needs … customers at my part time job would say that I am very helpful.
fast, efficient and friendly manner, able to greet people in a warm and professional manner … as evidenced by the written reference from the Shepparton Bowls Club
excellent problem solving ability, great communication skills – clear & concise … with high grades and assessments in English
able to recognize the importance of building customer relationships … I make a point of remembering all the customers names and usual orders
extremely creative, enjoy marketing, display & visual merchandising … with positive feedback from customers at _____
fantastic ideas person … refer to my Art class school report
computer/information technology skills  … I often assist the teachers at school to sort out IT issues.
general exposure to computers and confidence in their use … my friends will often ask me how to do things
experienced/comfortable with Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, Publisher, Powerpoint, drawing, graphic arts, Photoshop, internet & email … I am happy to demonstrate my abilities with these programs to you
fast and accurate keyboard skills … wpm ##
skilled in site design … as evidenced by the web site I designed for ____
excellent knowledge and use of language and grammar … please see my English reports
experienced with word processing and spreadsheets … used frequently in all my classes at school
Job Ready personal skills and attributes able to work unsupervised or be self directed … during stock-take duties at ____ I can work for hours on my own.
able to use initiative as part of a team … for example at Safeway I frequently make mini displays for new products…
patient, honest, reliable and punctual worker, team player … I am well known for all these qualities by my co-workers at McDonalds.
willing to work hands-on, able to plan and organize tasks … I finish more projects in woodwork at school than any of my friends
adaptable in times of change, able to adjust quickly and confidently … having a fill-in teacher for the day doesn’t faze me – I just get on with the job.
outgoing personality … is a highlight of my school reports
efficient handling of telephone and counter enquiries … my boss is confident to let me handle reception duties on my own
Communication ability to listen to others … for example when taking and processing orders at the Deli 
advising customers and clients … and am sought out at work when needed 
liaising with staff/students and general public … for example when organising the recent school social
confident telephone manner … and will answer the phone regularly at work
excellent verbal and written skills … as evidenced by participation in numerous debating teams
effective liaison with both management and staff … I have to relay messages for staff changeover at Hungry Jacks
experience in dealing with the public … for example I have ushered at productions and waited at fund raising events.
ability to effectively communicate with people of all ages … through volunteering at an elderly peoples home and assisting with sports at a primary school
excellent with public enquiries … i have handled all types of questions at IGA from customers and salespeople.
excellent written language skills … please see my school reports
excellent report writing skills … a number of my reports have been published in the local newspaper
excellent negotiation skills … as assistant netball coach I have to organise transport, umpires and players
hosting and greeting VIPs and the public … for example greeting parents & guests at the Year 7 information evening.
thorough command of English … as evidenced by school reports
attentive listening skills … 
Administration experienced in different forms of letter writing … during work experience I merged, printed and posted reminder letters and an invitation to a reunion.
experienced in filing and updating records … during volunteer work at the Historical Society 
collation of printing … assisted the Humanities teacher to put together the Year 7 Health book.
completion of mail room duties … my supervisor is always happy to see me at work, because he knows that I am fast and efficient…
stock management … my boss will tell you that I can reliably stock take, and supervise others too.
daily banking … 
efficient rostering of office/sales/factory staff … 
planning, organising and implementation of projects/programs
experienced in general office procedures
preparation and dispatch of correspondence
invoicing, typing and mailing accounts
fast and accurate typing/keyboard skills … (##wpm)
experienced in use of various office equipment … fax, phone, scanners, photocopiers…
preparing journals and books for binding … 
taking minutes of meetings … 
Production / Warehouse assembling and packing orders
restocking storage bins
experienced order picker
accomplished on computerised stock control systems
experienced in receipt and dispatch
Supervision organisation of seminars/events
supervision of exhibitions … 
arranging demonstrations
Maintenance and Labouring maintenance and upkeep of buildings … 
general carpentry and cabinet making skills … for example I have made a TV cabinet at school and assisted with home renovations.
able to operate power tools … such as___
able to operate hand tools … such as___
experienced at both internal & external painting … assisting with renovations at home and _____
Retail accurate money handling skills
experience with various cash registers
skilled in use of EFTPOS
experience in use of scanners
experience in displaying stock
efficient and quick at stocking shelves
familiar with security procedures required when dealing with cash
Computer skilled in web site design
fast and accurate keyboard skills
experienced with product support and maintenance
experienced in use of various operating systems: MS-DOS, VMS and UNIX
skilled in use of various software packages: Lotus, Wordstar, DBASE IV, Clipper, MASM, Assembler and Dataflex
able to develop spreadsheets and databases
training friends/peers in use of programs
Health & Safety possess current First Aid and CPR Certificates
knowledge of Occupational Health & Safety issues in the work place through studies at school
Labouring / Farm Work Experienced at Milking Cows, including herd-testing, herding cattle, and thorough cleaning of dairy
Experienced at fencing (electrical and permanent), feeding calves, weed spraying and assisting with AI.
Some experience with machinery, motorbikes, tractors and pumps.
Able to measure and cut wood for framing … during work experience I helped the builders erect frams for two houses.
Fast and thorough cleaning of work sites … as by boss will tell you.


A copy of the above suggestions here:


  • (if possible) starting sentences with I have or My – it becomes repetitive
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