interviewLet us not reinvent the wheel here, there are some boo-yeah interview information for Secondary School Leavers out there, and Careers Advisor’s LOVE the following…

Youth Central


  • Some questions asked at interviews can be pretty RANDOM and careerfaqs explains some of the weirdest ones!
  • HINT: There are 10 pages of questions, so keep scrolling through to find the most interesting ones. Like: If you were a piece of fruit, what would you be? 


  • ICould (not to be confused with ICloud) – although a pommie website, explains, VERY neatly, the five most common interview questions. If you can ANSWER these, then you will be SWEEEET!

Your Local Careers Advisor

And from a local careers advisor, here is a podcast for you to watch, it’s a little bit fossil-like-corny, but persevere with it, as it has some great examples…

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