uni studyIn broad strokes, University is for those who like to give the grey matter between their ears a solid work out on a daily basis.  Words like academic, theory and lectures are commonly used when describing Uni.

Does this sound like you?

UNI… Planning

When should you start planning on going to university?

Many students think that they are old enough-and-ugly-enough to knuckle down to serious study when they hit Year 11 —really? #didyouforgetthegravy! – This is like looking forward to a roast dinner, but forgetting to switch the oven on! Doing well in Year 12 (well enough to get into uni) is a tad more involved!

There are things you can do at any old year level to help you succeed at Year 12.

Simple things like attending class (#helloveryimportant), asking questions, handing in work on-time,  having a study timeslot at home & being organised are a few things which can make a huge and positive impact.

Thought: whether you land in Uni or not, your efforts will be rewarded one way or another—eg. employers love learners!

talk2Parents & Uni…

If your parents did not go to University, you probably know little or nought  about it. Family discussions about degrees, masters, fees, cheap haunts and accommodation may not be the norm in your household. This can make it a whole lot harder for you to make the BIG decision to head off to Uni.

First up, you need to get a handle on what Uni is. Asking questions is an easy way to get info.  Luckily your teachers are a pretty neat and reliable source of information… particularly if they are fresh out of uni. (No offence to the ‘oldies’ out there!)

A good conversation starter is What Uni did you go to? and What degree did you study? and What was the best / worst parts of Uni?  If you don’t understand some of the terminology they use—interrupt them and ask!

Second, you can jump on-line and read about Uni.

Youth CentralI recommend Youth Central’s description of University as a great starting point.

YouTube clips created by Curtin University provide some really practical points too.

and there are some neat YouTube clips here:




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