TAFE = Tertiary And Further Education

In a nutshell ‘Hands-on’ people enjoy TAFE because they learn specific skills which they can use immediately in the workplace (for example Hawt Gym Instructor).

gyminstructorA qualification from TAFE is recognised across Australia so (eegee) a Gym instructor with a certificate from Victoria, could stroll into a Gym in Darwin (Northern Territory) and be qualified to pump up a class.

You can choose from a plethora (array) of short and longer courses at TAFE .

TAFE can also offer ‘pathways’ into University —which is a factoid worth tucking away for future reference!

Apprentices and Trainees will studey at TAFE. Many (depending on their certificate) are released from work to attend ‘week blocks’ with other apprentices/trainees to learn specific skills for the workplace. Others will do ALL their training in the workplace.


Youth Central I recommend Youth Central’s description of TAFE
as a great starting point to explore how TAFE is
different to University.
GOTAFE If you haven’t visited a TAFE website before, then
try GOTAFE and see what you can discover –
or search for the TAFE closest to you.




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