Online Courses

How and who do you choose?

There are soooo many of them it is mind boggling!!

My thoughts are these….

The larger Universities and TAFE’s who offer online courses are usually pretty safe to sign up with, but what about all those private providers?

bouncerI shall use the night-club analogy. Would you go into a night-club that doesn’t have a bouncer at the door, or, would you choose an establishment with 2 or 3 bouncers keeping control of the proceedings?

Wouldn’t it be nice if on-line courses had bouncers, big burly blokes who will make sure that you;

  • get in – hassle free,
  • won’t be ripped off,
  • can exit feeling like you have had good service and value for your money
  • AND they can also handle things if something goes wrong.

Is there a bouncer for private providers of on-line courses? Certainmont!!


ACPET—The Australian Council for Private Education and Training is your personal bouncer. If your course provider is affiliated with ACPET, that means they have met stringent quality controls with course content and delivery and you can proceed with some confidence. If something does go wrong with your course then ACPET have big snarly teeth, with which to snap at the provider.

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