hulaIf there is one word on a resume which can make an employer’s eyebrows sit up and do the hula (in-impressed-delight), then that word would be VOLUNTEER.

There are a few LEVELS for school-student-volunteer-eer-ism…


RANDOM volunteering – is like sand-bagging during a once-in-16-year-flood.

  • This shows community spirit.


There are those who enjoy FREQUENT volunteering – like running boundary at the footy, meals on wheels and selling raffle tickets for the tennis club.

  • This shows you are reliable and developing practical skills which can be used in the workplace.


There are those who take volunteering to a whole new SERIAL level, and become involved in local clubs (committees), ceremonies (like ANZAC and Australia Day), or organise and participate in local, regional and global fundraisers.

  • This level demonstrates fabulous leadership skills and multiple employable skills.


This is a whole new volunteer level. Jumping aboard a plane to ‘wing’ it to another country to help those less fortunate. There are companies who organise details for you to ensure you have a safe and satisfying volunteer experience. (Check the Gap Year tab at the top).

  • This level of volunteer-ism demonstrates multiple skills which employers LOVE (citizenship, caring, a sense of adventure & so on…)

Do it….

So, if you want to make the employer’s eyebrows do the hula, consider volunteering whenever the opportunity presents itself (and remember to plonk it on your resume!)

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