Picking a Uni…

chocolates“Just like a box of chocolates…”

Like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates, choosing a University and a University course can be fraught with brain-salivating difficulties.

Do you go with the familiar-fave* (I always choose Turkish Delight) or do you risk reading the ingredients on the pack to discover a delicious gem?

  • *A familiar-fave may be the uni where your parents went to, or the same degree they studied. #comfyand-nonastysurprises…. But is this the right way to choose… for you?

If you have never tasted chocolate (Uni) before (ie. You are the first person in your family to go to Uni) where do you start? Do you just pick one, and hope for the best?

Let me introduce to you….

Where Grads Go…

  • We have all heard the horror stories about people who graduate from Uni, then can’t find themselves a job… serious stuff!
  • There is a website called Where Grads Go, which can give you some pretty handy statistical clues about your degree choice and the likelihood of finding a job afterwards.
  • TIP: Locate the downloadable document..

Good Universities Guide

  • Your Careers Advisor has a copy of this book hidden away somewhere in their office or you can download a FREE pdf version at www.ebook.gooduniguide.com.au
  • The guide rates the quality of institutions and areas of study they offer against a diverse list of criteria, relevant to students.
  • You can also explore ratings and rankings of all Australian Universities at  Hobsons Course Finder.
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