AFL Dreams and Jobs….

What will your off-field plan be, if your on-field dream doesn’t score a jersey?  Should you focus every fibre of your being on ONE goal, or will peripheral vision score points?

My AFL YouTube kicks off a discussion about this…

AFL Jobs…

What other jobs (apart from playing football) are there in the AFL?

Answer: Plenty-plus-some!

NEWSFLASH, there are so many jobs connected with the AFL that there is a dedicated careers portal on the AFL web-site!

Don’t take my word for it, have a peek here:

They even give you a run-down on what you need to DO to get a job with them! (Bless ‘em!)

Might I suggest, that if your ultimate ambition is to work/play for the AFL, then you should stalk their web-site to find out more!

AND, whilst you are there, if you search ‘work experience’ you might find something interesting!

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