Selecting Senior School Subjects

VTAC CourselinkCan you produce a sheet of paper which has Uni courses on it, based upon the subjects you choose for Senior School?
Is there such a piece of magical paper?

Well, certain-ment, there is. And students from Year 9 upwards can create their own piece of magic by watching and following the instructions provided by the two Highvale Secondary College students who ran the gauntlet and survived using (and producing a video of) the VTAC Courselink!

VTAC Courselink takes the guesswork out of understanding what Uni courses are available to you based on the VCE subjects you are about to choose. In fact, it can open your eyes to a psychedelic plethora of courses available Victoria wide.

The best part about VTAC Courselink is that you can save, return, edit, save, return, edit… as often as you like, from Year 9 to Year 12—your career/tertiary planning will be kept on the VTAC site as safe and-as-solid as Uluru!

That is such a comforting thought!

I won’t steal any more of James and Tyler’s thunder, as their YouTube clip will walk you through the steps for registering and manipulating the fantastic-subject-selection-answering VTAC Courselink feature.

Thank you James and Tyler (and teacher Mae!)

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