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baby sittingWhether you babysit smaller children for love or money, it is a very responsible job, and one that looks fabulous on a school student's resume!

Tell Your Story…

The best way to find YOUR skills in the Child Care area is to tell YOUR story.

What does that mean?

I provide Jessie’s story as an EXAMPLE, remember to tell YOUR story step by step AND include what other people think about your role in your story….

  • When Janet calls me to babysit I will put the date on my phone and a note on the fridge.
  • When I get there I talk to Janet about the kids and what she wants me to do
  • Any special instructions are written on a sheet of paper and put on the fridge, along with emergency contact numbers.
  • Usually, Cassie gets upset when Mum & Dad leave, so I have to settle her down. I can often do this by letting her watch her favourite DVD.
  • I will cook dinner for the kids (if needed) and tidy the kitchen. I will clean up the mess the kids make.
  • Sometimes I have to run a bath, give them a bath, and change them into their PJs.
  • I put the kids to bed and read them a story.
  • I leave the night light on for Adam as he doesn’t like the dark.
  • I watch TV or do some homework when the kids are asleep.
  • Janet probably thinks that I am pretty reliable, because I have been babysitting her kids for a long time. The kids like me too, as I tend to spoil them.


Jessie could write something like this in her resume….

Baby Sitting


Jessie may also be able to use words or phrases like these in her resume:

  • Reading and following instructions
  • Preparing baby formula
  • Changing nappies
  • Bathing children
  • Reading to children
  • Putting children to bed
  • Playing educational games
  • Cleaning
  • Cooking/preparing/serving meals
  • Administering medications
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Feeding/caring for pets

Can you think of anything else?

Still Stuck?

Babysitting is a very responsible job.

You are totally aware, right, that parents won't leave their kids with just anyone?? Just checking! 

Here are some written examples about Baby Sitting.

  • A reliable and punctual to my babysitting jobs. I regularly care for children ranging in ages from 1 to 10.
  • I can feed, bath, bed and be responsible for small children when babysitting for friends and family.
  • In high demand for babysitting jobs because I am thorough, conscientious and can keep a level head in emergency situations.
  • Babysitting is more than just watching the TV, I like to read stories, play board games, supervise activities on outside play equipment and check school work.
  • Can be relied upon to care and look after children of varying ages for extended periods of time. Able to follow instructions and leave the house tidy when I leave.


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