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Technology is so commonplace now (almost like breathing), why should you add it to our resume?

A thought…

Before we begin, I ponder this point….

  • Are you a USER or CREATOR when it comes to technology?
  • Do you think it is more important to an employer to have an employee who can USE or CREATE in the workplace?
  • Are CREATORS more employable than USERS?

I’m not sure of the answer here. No doubt it will be different for each employer.

chickenWe scratch around, like old chooks, on the surface of many computer programs not realising the treasures buried beneath.  For example, I know that Microsoft Word and Excel have amazing capabilities, but few of us make use of their hidden magical powers!

That is why continually LEARNING and EXPLORING with technology is very important.

Enough! And, onwards we go..

Story time…

technologyThe best way to find YOUR skills in the computer area is to tell YOUR story.

What does that mean?

Everyone uses technology differently - from blogging, social networking (via facebook/twitter), playing games, creating games... the list goes on and on. 
By TELLING your step by step STORY you will dig up your skills.

blogI provide Sarah’s story as an EXAMPLE, remember to write YOUR story step by step AND include what other people think about your role in your story….

  • I like blogging. When I sit down at the computer I open my blog, I use the platform called ‘blogger’.
  • I search for pictures on-line (and sometimes take my own pictures).
  • I save the pictures on my computer, then upload them onto the blog.
  • I like to create a story with my pictures, and use short sentences with each picture to explain the story.
  • For example, I found a series of pictures (6) of a puppy, so I wrote a short story about him going to sleep after an adventurous day.
  • I am a visual person and like colour. I like to play with themes for my blog.
  • I create posts for stories, and pages for information about me.
  • I only allow people I want to see my blog. These people usually like my stories, and they look forward to them. They can add comments to my posts to let me know what they think.


Sarah could write something like this in her resume


computerStill Stuck?

Here are some examples of computer use.

  • Have used excel in maths classes and can produce graphs
  • Created designs for a 3D Printer
  • Created an App for _______
  • I can format and merge documents using Word
  • Can create a simple Access Database
  • Have used Powerpoint & Prezi for class presentations
  • My favourite apps are ______
  • I understand the responsible use of social media
  • Very familiar with internet use, and use it regularly for researching school assignments
  • I have good/excellent coding skills
  • Can type quickly (and accurately)
  • Received an award in Information Technology class
  • Able to create web pages and blogs
  • Able to create wikis and use them in appropriate places
  • Data Entry (could be bookings, accounts for a committee etc)
  • Able to learn new computer programs quickly
  • Able to organise my files/photos/downloads into relevant folders
  • Able to dismantle, clean and reassemble computers
  • Able to load new software
HINT: Where possible use the name of computer programs that you know well.

By the way…

I have created a toon about how employers may view your mobile use – (admittedly the toon is now a bit long in the tooth – aka ancient – however, so are some employers)! Here is something to think about…

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