SKILLS – Retail / Customer Service

Working in the local supermarket or store can give you many Retail / Customer Service skills.

Here are some written examples for your resume or letter of application:


Do you have SOME Retail Skills?

  • Through volunteer work at my football canteen, I have some experience handling money, serving customers, stocking shelves/fridges/pie warmers and tidying up afterwards.
  • Through work experience in a local dress shop, I had the opportunity to see how the fashion retail industry works. During my week I was able to select attire and dress mannequins, vacuum premises, assist customers, gift wrap items and run errands.
  • Through fundraising for SRC, I organised a (number of) chocolate and pie drive(s). I have some experience in ordering goods, organising sellers, distributing goods, collecting monies and banking profit. The pie drive was particularly successful, raising over $_____ for our nominated charity ______________.
  • Through VCAL Industry and Enterprise class we designed, made and marketed coat racks. The racks were made from Redgum slabs and old railway nails. My role was to secure orders and deposits from customers and to deliver the product when ready.


Do you have MANY Retail Skills?

For example, you may work part-time at the local supermarket

  • Excellent money handling skills with the ability to balance the till accurately.
  • Able to identify customers needs
  • Able to quickly and efficiently stock/front shelves
  • Can be relied upon to be punctual
  • Able to clean, sort and tidy premises with a cheerful manner.
  • Able to follow instructions accurately.
  • Able to work in a team to complete tasks, and can also be trusted to get a job done on my own.
  • Able to communicate effectively with different age groups.
  • Customers regularly comment on my friendly manner and bubbly personality.


Words which can be used for retail / customer service:


You could use these words/phrases in your resume if you have retail/customer service experience:

  • Supervise others
  • Operate the Till
  • Balance the Till
  • Work in the Deli
  • Front / Stack shelves
  • Stock Take
  • Assist Customers
  • Answer the phone
  • Use the PA
  • Take Groceries to cars
  • Run errands
  • Work in Liquor store (must be 18)
  • Clean
  • Load/unload vehicles
  • Price / mark down items
  • Collect Trolleys
  • Assist customers to locate product

Can you think of anything else?

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