The ‘extra’ factor…

questionCan you picture the ‘future you’ sitting in a job interview in (let’s say) 2023?

Yep, totals weird!

What would the ‘future you’ (nervous you) want to tell the ‘now you‘ I wonder?

Again, tot’s weird!

Whatever career field you are interested in, the ‘now’ you can have a massive impact on the ‘future you’.

At secondary school, you are provided with ample opportunities to become involved, lead and learn. Extracurricular activities are plentiful and participating in these can help shape and grow your passions and interests.
You have to look at your involvement (either at Secondary School or Uni) with fresh eyes. A check-list mentality of the extra things you do at school can not only help shape your resume but become a selling point at job interviews.

future-selfFor example, you might be interested in a career in nursing. The ability to reel off work experience/s and attendances at workshops/information sessions from your high school days can demonstrate a remarkable, and early passion for this vocation. Score!

Next time you attend an event (or put your hand up to volunteer, or do work experience or apply for a leadership position (doesn’t matter what it is)). Ask yourself:

  • ‘what did I get out of it?’ and
  • ‘how could the ‘future me’ use this knowledge at a job interview?’
Never underestimate the power of ‘extra’.

Here are some pages you should learn to stalk (to help the ‘future you‘):

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