Yes folks, it’s that time of year again, when we should be thinking about our wallet and how to fill it for the future.

My scholarship page (click on link to follow) has 3 excellent resources (you will need to scroll to the bottom) for your perusal, but first….

Ponder this…

BlogMoneyIf I asked you to spend two hours writing an essay (it has to be a good one) and I promised to give you $5,000 if I liked what I read.  Would you do it?

Writing scholarship applications is very much like essay writing… And what a great hourly rate—$2,500 per hour!?  (I know, it is far EASIER to earn $12 an hour at the local supermarket!)

Every year, there are bucket loads of money set aside for scholarships; this money is to help students with their studies and living expenses.

Many of the scholarships are awarded to students, however there is still a HUGE proportion sent back to the bank because no-one bothers to apply.

For links and ideas about how to get your hands on this moolah… go to the scholarships page.

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