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Sometimes you don’t have to look further than your own nose to find courses of interest. Local Learning Centres provide quite an array of learning opportunities which could fit in with your plans, or provide a pathway option if your results don’t quite stack up. Sometimes, in the end of year rush, it is easy to overlook our fabulous LLC’s.

Admittedly Learning Centres are perceived by many as a place for older people to learn new skills, but don’t let that perception fool you.

Courses offered by Learning Centres can provide a perfect gap year option, or a more serious, long term study plan.

Learning locally can mean that you can sponge off mum and dad for a while longer, maybe pick up part time work, still play sport for your local team, and contribute to the community in which you have grown up.

What should you do?

I recommend a reconnaissance of your local Learning Centre to see what courses they offer, and what might be on their scope for 2016.  Learning Centres are reliant on enrolments (sufficient numbers of pupils) to run their classes (it is a cost thing) which can make planning for the future a little like pinning jelly to the wall, but they try their hardest to fill each course.

Example of local learning... Kyabram Community Learning Centre Inc have a number of course available: Call 58520000 or visit www.kyabram.com
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