Year 9

2014 year9With so many different careers now available, it can seem like an impossible task deciding on which one you think you’d really enjoy.  You do have a few years to decide, however  thinking about your career options regularly will definitely help you when you get to your senior years.

Keep in mind that careers aren’t just about the work you do.  A satisfying and fulfilling career is more about learning and experiences.  These can come not just from being paid (full or part time work), but also from things like volunteering (umpiring, coaching, canteen, SRC), community involvement, (youth groups, theatre groups, committee involvement) education (those extra certificates like Food Handling and First Aid) and even sport.

When you turn 15 you will be able to participate in work experience. This is a fabulous why to not only try different jobs, but build up skills and a resume worth reading. You will need to track down the Work Experience coordinator at your school and see if you can organize a placement.

With an ageing population your working life may be longer than your parents, and throughout your career development you’ll be presented with plenty of chances to change jobs, learn new skills and gain new experiences.

You don’t have to go to university to carve out a satisfying career. TAFE courses, apprenticeships, traineeships, even starting your own business can provide you with the foundations to your dream job.

Look out for a poster at your school called “A guide to your career” it has some great career tips and clues on it.

For good measure, here are MY favourite career sites.

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