alife is an Aussie career website—and is, well, very…. BLUE!

Blue or not, it is almightily effective, particularly if you have no idea, (or maybe just a little), about what you want as a career.

By the way, not knowing what you want for a career, is normal—just sayin’!

Try the directions tab for inspiration. There are 20 questions to answer by sliding a bar across a box. When you are done, and submitted your answers, information on careers which might suit you, appear. The cool thing is you can then watch video clips of people in these careers.

Of course you may be inspired and decide that one of these careers is for you. Then again, maybe you won’t! Will this mean that you have wasted your time by exploring this site? Absolutely not! Finding careers you DO NOT want, means you are one step closer to finding one you DO!!

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