Regaling Retail…

justJust”, it is a tiny word, that should, in certain circumstances, be paint-balled!

  • “Do you have a part-time job?” asks I.
  • “Yes, just at the local supermarket”, my student replies

“Hang on, back up, did you just say ‘just’?” Shame on you!

You are working (tick), earning a wage (tick), dealing with customers (tick), organising shelves (tick), handling money (tick), solving problems (tick) and developing a whole heap of other employable skills (tick, tick!!).

You are working for one of the LARGEST sectors on the planet—that provides a plethora of career pathway potential. You are part of a well-oiled machine taking care of the worlds’ inhabitants. There is no ‘just’ in that!

AND, employers certainly don’t turn their nose up at someone who has worked in a local supermarket/shop, because they know that you have ‘life-skills’ outside the classroom, in fact, they love it!

So never let me hear you say, “I just have a job at the local supermarket” because there is no just in that… at all, ever!!

Part time job in RETAIL? 

How well have you written about your skills on your resume or letter of application?

Do you really sell yourself?

Need some ideas? 

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