Uni Drop Out… Avoiding the fall

Drop OutDid you know that nearly one in seven university students give up on their dreams and quit university? (First-year stats)

Will this happen to you?

Not that dropping out of Uni is a BAD thing, life is complicated, fascinating and unpredictable—so it is nice to know that you have the choice to drop out or switch directions.

But… Can this dilemma be avoided?


Not entirely, but I do have some suggestions for current VCE students.

I am a practical person, so the old fashioned pen and paper is a good starting point. I have listed some basic questions below to which you need to write your answers, then: give your responses a score by rating them on a scale from 1 (poor) to 10 (legendary).

Only YOU know what is right for YOU and what your answers are worth.

High scoring answers provide indisputable ‘concrete’ reasons to go to Uni—which can help to keep you there.

Lower scoring answers need a serious dissection because these are the ones that might cause a uni-drop-out later.

Plain old TALKING is an excellent way to sort through your weaker answers. Many people experience ‘ah-ha’ moments by verbalising their thoughts. The people you listed in your answers are the ones you should turn to – to chew their ear/s!

FACTOID…. If you drop out of Uni BEFORE mid-March (Census date), you won’t incur debt. Admittedly this doesn’t give you long to decide but is worth knowing. There are Census dates throughout the year (based on terms) remember this when/if deciding to drop out or switch direction.
Question Your Answer Score
What career am I aiming for?
Is this 
my passion—or somebody else?
Do my uni courses align with my
career choice or interests?
Why am I going to University?
(Be honest)
Who is influencing my choice of
What do I know about my choice of University/course?
What barriers do I  face getting to
University?  Can they be overcome?
Who can I talk to about Uni?
Name three people.


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