Really? That many?

countHow many different types of apprenticeships/traineeships can you think of?

Go on, try it! Count!. Ten, Twenty, more?

If you said 300 you wouldn’t even be close! If you said 3,000 you are smokin-hot!

Yes, there are up to 3,000 (and that is NOT a typo - aka typing mistake). Shall I spell it out? THREE THOUSAND!

Can you explore the 3000 different types of Apprenticeships and Traineeships available to you? Yes, most certainly, in fact you can now ‘app’ that! But first, introductions are necessary:


The Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Information Service

  • is a leading source of apprenticeship and traineeship information for students, parents and employers (not to mention careers practitioners!). They have a website & an app to play with…


  • The Australian Apprenticeships Pathways website allows you to explore around 3,000 examples of apprenticeship and traineeship occupations (all underpinned by nationally recognised qualifications).
  • Here’s what you can do on this website:
    • try industry based practice aptitude
    • a Career Interest Explorer – this is a resource to help you identify the strength of your interest in different work types. The outcomes then connect with examples of apprenticeship and traineeship occupations that match the work types. Cool!


  • New for 2016 is the AusAppPathways mobile app – this app is designed to help you explore your apprenticeship and traineeship interests.
  • The app’s ‘Browse by Industry’ option steps you through categories, from broad industry titles to specific occupations. You select titles based on a simple ‘like/dislike’ basis. This helps focus the outcomes of your search.
  • You can go back and forward through the information to change selections and see different ideas while sharing or saving your favourite occupation descriptions. (These favourites can provide a basis for further discussions with your career practitioner, friends, parents and others supporting your career research).
  • If you already have an apprenticeship or traineeship occupation in mind you can use the ‘Keyword’ search. (As always when using a keyword search feature, search results are more likely when typing just a part of an occupation’s title.) Information displayed in the AusAppPathways app can be filtered by State and Territory and Australian School-based Apprenticeships availability.
  • The app also provides general information and helpful links on job hunting and career research as well as contact information for local Apprenticeship Network providers and a link to Group Training Organisation listings.

Try this…

Try the interest test here to begin exploring the web-site:

Thankyou… This article was adopted and adapted from a recent CEAV Journal. Thank you CEAV! (Career Education Association of Victoria)

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