Word of Mouth

wordofmouthIt is no great secret that a great many jobs are offered and/or found via WORD OF MOUTH.

So, my question to YOU is: How do you place yourself within ear-shot of the mouths of the people offering these jobs?

I shall use a #ancientoldperson analogy to show you how to make the seemingly impossible, more probable!


Searching for a needle in a haystack is an idiotic activity with little chance of success. HOWEVER if you arm yourself with a sizeable magnet, your chance of finding that little needle multiplies!… Give other people magnets and ask them for help, your chances multiply magnificently!

magnetTo get YOU within hearing of some ‘word of mouth‘ jobs, you will NEED your OWN Job Magnet!

What would your Job Magnet look like? Well, it’s not going to come in a gift-wrapped box, tied with a pretty blue ribbon! No siree, it requires YOU taking simple ACTIONS!


SeekingWorkBegin by creating a VERY simple card which includes your name, contact number, the job you are looking for and an expiry date. 

ACTION: Print copies and pop them in your wallet. See the example I have created here.


Your FAMILY knows that you are job seeking (dah!), however, you need to turn them into more powerful magnets. They should echo the actions below but within their own circle of acquaintances.

ACTION: Show them this article, tell them you are turning them into a magnet. Get them to do or assist with any of the following.


Many employers will call schools asking for appropriate students for part-time, full or gap year jobs.

ACTION TELL your Careers Advisor and teachers at school that you ARE job seeking. If they don’t know, they can’t help! Give them your card. ACTION Drop in each week to say 'hi, heard anything?'. In other words, #stalkthem!

work_experience2Work Experience

Have you completed work experience or placement in the past? Liked it? Wouldn’t mind working there?

ACTION: Drop in to see the employer. Give them your card, tell them that you are looking for work. If there is nothing available, ask them to keep the card and pass it on to any suitable contacts. #Magnetised!

sport coachSport Clubs

If you are a member of a sports club, you could be surprised at what the people IN your club know about local job opportunities. HOWEVER, if they don’t know that you are LOOKING for work, they may not think to mention it to you.

ACTION: Ask if they have heard of any local jobs. Bring it up in conversation each week. The more people talking about it the more magnets you have!

apprentice2Apprenticeship Centres

Just because Apprenticeship Centres are in the business of marrying employers with employees (figuratively speaking) don’t disregard them as a magnet bearer.

ACTION: Call and make an appointment. Take along a #3timesproofed (ie. checked three times) resume and chat to them about what you want.  TIP: Apprenticeship Centres see HUNDREDS of hopeful young people - so if you want them to remember you, keep dropping in to say 'hi - anything suitable come up yet?' TIP: Get into the habit of checking vacancies on their website/s.

trainingTraining Options

Sometimes you may have to up-skill to make yourself more appealing to employers. There are short courses at TAFE (for example 6 month pre-apprenticeship courses) or summer hospitality classes which might appeal to you.

ACTION: Pop into your local TAFE and ask about short courses, summer courses (including hospitality) and pre-apprenticeship courses (plumbing, building & auto)


Facebook COULD provide you with some leads, if you handle it carefully. It is important NOT to ask A PARTICULAR PERSON for a JOB on social media, employers will find that #waytooimpersonal, but you can let people KNOW you are looking.

ACTION: Try a simple status for example: #iwantanapprenticeship #electricalapprentice #seekingwork #canyouhelp? #inboxmeifyouhearofanything ACTION: Look through your contacts, are there any worth sending a private message to saying (for example) "Hey Bob, I am looking for a job in hospitality, just wondering if you know of anything?"

Offer yourself for trial

You can ‘sell’ yourself by offering to do a week of work experience through your school’s work experience program.

ACTION: Speak to your Work Experience Coordinator and grab a blank work experience arrangement form 'just-in-case' the right opportunity presents itself. NOTE: Work Experience can be done up until the last day of school in December.

Business Drop In…

Of course, if you know where you want to work, then go straight to the horses mouth. Sometimes this is called “Cold Calling” and this link will give you some great ideas on how to approach this task.

ACTION: Get spruced up (neat and tidy) and drop in your resume (which is 100% proofed and glowing with your skills) to the business. THOUGHT: You could ask for a week of work experience first, THEN ask about a position.

Final Word

Sitting at home waiting for someone to realise you want a job is #totallyuselessstupid

The above ACTIONS are tried and true – you may feel embarrassed or shy about completing these tasks, but I wouldn’t recommend them unless they WORK/ED!

Go forth and magnetise!
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