Job U

Job UAm I, as a Career Development Practitioner, guilty of prodding and poking ‘capable’ students to elect University as their preferred pathway? Probably!

(Hell-yeah probably!).

Strictly speaking, it is not in my profession’s code of ethics to do this, but it is a particularly hard circuit to rewire! 

When you think about it, ‘academically capable‘ students’ will flourish no matter what they put their mind to – particularly if they are adept at honing their workplace skills.

So, to rewire my brain circuitry that says:


I decided upon a little dose of Nicholas Wyman’s “Job U” publication. Nicholas approaches the question of Uni vs TAFE from a very refreshing perspective.

If you would like a bit of ammunition in your ‘don’t want to go to uni‘ mantra, then this book could be your new best friend!!

Find out more here: Job U by Nicholas Wyman

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