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career dayI have attended many career expos (admittedly I am a bit of a dinosaur) but it always astonishes me that the student who manages to ask a squillion (no such number) career questions in my class, says this to me when verbally assessing the outcomes of a career expo:

"There wasn't enough stuff there, I walked around the whole place, looked at everything. Got to the end, then I got bored!"


So I quiz him:

  1. Did you ask any questions (of the 60+ exhibitors)? No!
  2. Did you try any of the activities? No!
  3. Did you attend any of the information panels? No!

eye roll 2Really? And you got BORED!!  (#roll_eyes!)

If only I was allowed to slap him for being so obtuse!! (AND I am not talking triangles here!)

obtuseObtuse: Dull-witted, simple-minded, imperceptive, thickheaded, thick, stupid, slow.

Wait, I am not allowed to either slap that student nor call him names, so let’s re-wind.  Maybe it is me, maybe my preparation for the event wasn’t up to speed! I must endeavour to do better next time!

To this end, I created a little cartoon clip about what a career expo is (see below) and a handout designed to outwit the obtuse! (Is that an oxymoron? It would have to be pretty close!)

Career Expo – Handout

This is a four-page document – print back-to-back & you will save a few trees! I suggest that page-one is a good stand-alone for Year 9 students (or younger) who are about to go to their first expo. The four pages in entirety are handy for older students.

Open the PDF here: Career Expo Handout

Career Expo – a wee cartoon clip…

This cartoon is probably more for Junior Students – and provides a general outline of what a Career Expo is.

Career Expo’s are a great way to help figure out your future, so make sure you give it a red-hot-go!

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  1. Thank you, the question sheet will help a lot when taking the students to the expo. I am currently battling the students who have to have their nails done for the Deb on Saturday night!!! Apparently they have said “that is more important than a stupid career expo”.

    • Thanks Beth, I hope the worksheet helps with your students. Yes, focussing on the ‘here and now’ is what teens do best, which is OK, but very limiting. If only they could jump into their future body and see that career planning at school (and throughout life) will help them to have their nails done (on a cruise in the Mediterranean if they so desire), whenever they want, without worrying about the cost! Good luck with your expo (and, to reverse the logic, that stupid Deb Ball)! – Fay

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