Early Entry Schemes to Uni

Early BirdAre you the EARLY Uni Bird?

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a University Offer BEFORE your mates?

Rural students (because they are remote, or almost so) can apply for early entry programs at a number of universities.

Below I provide a brief outline of each of the Early Entry Schemes (the ones I know about).


Charles Sturt University

Schools Recommendation Program (SRS)…

nutshellIn a nutshell
here is the SRS.....
  • Most CSU subjects are included in the SRS (but, not ALL!)
  • Your early entry application is handled in UAC – this is the Wales university application system. (ie you must enrol In UAC and pay for your application)
  • You list your preferred (SRS) course, at the top, in UAC .
  • You start applying from 3rd August.
  • Your Year 11 results and personal awards and achievements are take into consideration. You will have to gather evidence of this.
  • Two types of acceptances occur. One is a straight-up offer, the other is conditional upon you reaching certain requirements.
  • You should check their web-site to ensure you get the due dates under control, use some kind of system to remind yourself of the dates.
  • Web Link: Click here to find out more about SRS
  • HINT: work across each of the tabs at the top of the page


Australia Catholic University (ACU)

Early Achievers Program (EAP)…


In a nutshell
here is EAP.....
  • ACU are impressed by students who participate in voluntary community service experiences – that is why they created the EAP!
  • ACU have very cleverly created some videos on how to apply for EAP! You should watch them!
  • There is also a brochure available – ignore the fact that it is out of date!
  • You must have your preferred course at the top of your VTAC list!
  • Applications open on 8th August.
  • Web Link: Everything is simply explained at the ACU web page.

Federation Uni

Federation University (Ballarat)

Open Access

nutshellIn a nutshell
here is Open Access.....
  • If Fed Uni is at the top of your wish list, all you need to do is add the relevant course you want to study at Fed Uni to your VTAC course selection. Simple!
  • You do need to meet pre-requisites for the course you want, however, your ATAR is ignored!
  • For a list of eligible courses, check their web-site.
  • Applications open – whenever you decide to proceed with your VTAC applications!
  • Web Link: Click here to find out more about Fed Uni’s Open Access Program.


La Trobe University

Priority Access Program….


In a nutshell
here is the Priority Access Program.....
  • Strictly speaking, this isn’t EARLY entry, but it is simple as! Just add a La Trobe course to the top of your VTAC/UAC course selection for automatic consideration!
  • Of course, you must be a ‘rural, regional’ kid!
  • Find out more about Priority Access here!



In a nutshell
here is the ASPIRE program.....
  • If you make a difference in your community or school (through volunteering or leadership), then La Trobe will consider you for early entry!
  • You apply DIRECT! (Not via VTAC) – Get onto it NOW!
  • I could tell you more, but the La Trobe website says it all!
  • Find out more about ASPIRE here!




nutshellIn a nutshell
here is a bit about SNAP
  • First up, your school needs to be a SNAP school (you will find a list on their website)
  • You apply through VTAC – however, your school needs to endorse your application – so you need to speak to your Careers Coordinator.
  • Instructions are pretty simple on the SNAP page.


Other institutions (not listed above) also take your rurality into consideration – and will try and help you ‘over the line’. This helping hand is provided through the SEAS (Special Entry Access Scheme). SEAS is pretty straightforward as it is part of the VTAC application process. You just need to check the relevant boxes as you work your way through and provide a statement (in some instances).  Read all about SEAS to get it right!

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