Bachelor of Arts…

Don’t be fooled by the name, a Bachelor of Arts has (on the whole) nothing to do with drawing… or painting…. or sculpting…. these particular skills belong to the Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Let’s explore the difference between a Bachelor of Arts & a Bachelor of Fine Arts

Arts2Bachelor of Arts

Words to describe a Bachelor of Arts could include:

General Knowledge

A Bachelor of Arts (or BA) is a safe choice if you enjoy humanities or English at school but you are oh-so-uncertain about which degree to study at Uni. You can select a wide range of subjects from across a spectrum of disciplines and tailor your degree to your interests.

Be warned, however, that there is an inherent danger of choosing a bunch of random subjects within an Arts degree which don’t lead to a particular job or career. So if you are going to choose an Arts Degree, do so with the end in mind. (For many this may be easier said than done!).

Some people complete a double degreeArts degree + different degree – (although it adds an extra year (or two), it is cheaper to do it this way – plus your extra degree could help you be better prepared for a particular career (eg., Education/Teaching or Business.)

end in sightSo, keeping the end in sight of your Arts Degree (ie finding a job), I recommend, rather than searching for a Bachelor of Arts you search via your interest area. You can filter via ‘topic‘ or ‘subject areas‘ in the Good Universities Guide. Some results will be attached to a Bachelor of Arts, others will not.

If you desperately want to see all Bachelor of Arts in Victoria in one list, open the Good Universities Guide and do the following:

  1. Type in ‘Bachelor of Arts‘ in the Name of Course field
  2. Click on the State (eg Vic) to discover all Arts Degrees

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Fine Arts 2

A Bachelor of Fine Arts is so much easier to describe! This Degree will suit you if you want to focus on ART disciplines like:


Here are some direct links to Visual or Fine Arts courses!


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