truckDid you know that 20% of truck drivers in the mining industry are females?

Girl Power!

The industry is still pretty tricky for girls to get into, however schemes are a-brewing to make it easier in the future (Minerals Council of Australia Workforce Gender Diversity White Paper).

If you are planning on a career in the mines (male or female) then it would be kinda handy to know what the top five occupations are – as this might help with your planning processes.   (I have included the percentages for female workers).

  1. Drillers, miners and shot firers…. 5.9%
  2. Metal fitters and machinists…. 0.6%
  3. Other building and engineering technicians…. 9.2%
  4. Truck drivers…. 20.4%
  5. Electricians…. 1.9%

As a starting point for your research try:

PS. This a repeat of an article I wrote in 2014…



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