‘Post Graduate’… what is this?

2014 Post Grad“What does post-graduate mean”?

FANTASTIC question!  Thank-you for asking!
I love it when students are prepared to arm themselves with knowledge (ask questions) instead of cocooning themselves in blissful-ignorance (ie not asking questions).

zebras-are-terrifying2Uni jargon can be terrifying (kinda like this Zebra picture) – and you may feel like running away from it – ‘cos it’s almost like learning an entire new language!

But… you need to be prepared to ask loads of questions!

Here’s the answer…

  • A Bachelors Degree is what you study for at University,
  • whilst you are studying for your degree you are called an under-graduate. (This is why a Bachelors Degree is sometimes called an Under-graduate Degree)
  • When you successfully complete your Bachelors Degree you are called a Graduate.
  • POST means ‘after’, so post-graduate studies are what you do after you have graduated with your Bachelors Degree.

What it boils down to, is that Post-graduate studies allows you to specialise in a particular area or field of interest.

Post-Graduate studies can take from 6 months to 2+ years to complete, depending on the level and type of qualification you choose.

  1. Graduate Certificate – (6 months—1 year)
  2. Graduate Diploma – (1+ year)
  3. Masters – (1-2+ years)

There are two distinct  Masters — each has a different study technique—coursework and research, however, by the time you get around to selecting between the two, you will be well versed in Uni jargon and understand the difference between the two!

Keep asking questions, seek out the relevant people at your school—they will be more than happy to enlighten you. 

I was inspired to create a toon after my Year 11s visit! Here it is… short and sweet.

Graduates from Melbourne University continue onto what they call Graduate Schools. This YouTube clip showcases some ideas which might appeal to you…

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