Work Related Skills… clues

freezeDon’t freeze-up if someone asks you about your work related skills it isn’t as scary as you think…

ALL secondary school students have skills which can be used in the workplace, they just need to know how to RECOGNISE and FIND them...

footprint1Finding your skills is like a scavenger hunt, and there are THREE simple steps!


Answer this question:

  • What do you ENJOY doing?
  • Write it down.
your list might include netball, computers, skating, bike-riding, swimming, reading


Tell your STORY…

Pick ONE thing from your list (eg netball). Pretend that you are asked to talk on a TV show about this one thing – the TV presenter is from Mars, and knows absolutely NOTHING about netball. You don’t know the interviewer at all (obviously – because he is from Mars!). The MARTIAN will pretty much ask ‘what happens next’ throughout most of the story.

Not sure how this works? Watch Janet being interviewed about netball.


Janet’s Answers include…

  • I get up, organise my netball uniform – and umpiring gear / whistle (just in case).
  • Fill drink bottles (for team) – put in car
  • Get to game early
  • Put drinks and my gear in shed
  • Talk to coach and fill out the score sheet.
  • Umpire / score juniors if needed (Explain umpiring decisions to juniors to help them learn the game)
  • Warm up (follow coaches instructions)
  • create3Huddle – discuss game tactics
  • Play – continually talk to Gayle in goals to let her know what is happening behind her, encourage other players
  • End of game – 3 cheers and shake hands of opposition
  • Check score sheet to see it is filled out correctly
  • Empty / rinse drink-bottles place in car
  • Watch senior-netball – score if needed
  • My team-mates think that: I am fast, good at goal (usually accurate) and never miss training.


Hunt for SKILLS in Janet’s story….

So, we have a story (above), let’s now pull out some relevant stuff for Janet’s resume. We could write this about Janet.



If you have experience in or enjoy the following, click the links to discover some things you could say about yourself!.

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